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Hello Friends!

Sitting on a mossy bank in the Magical Forest the other day, I noticed something sticking out from under a log.  It seemed to be a hard corner.  I gave it a tug – and out came a bundle of books!  Someone had buried a trove of books, the best treasure of them all.  Fairies and pixies are fond of reading books to bunnies here…while butterflies dance on our fingers… so I thought we should share these stories with all of you at home. 

Today, is the first in a series of reading children’s books by NZ authors from the Magical Forest.  For the inaugural book, I will be reading “What’s in Molly’s … Suitcase”  by Vanessa Jane Townsend.

Mums, maybe you can share the phone with your little bunny and they can listen in for a moment…

Watch this space every Thursday 5pm for new books.

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