Hello Friends!

Sitting on a mossy bank in the Magical Forest the other day, I noticed something sticking out from under a log.  It seemed to be a hard corner.  I gave it a tug – and out came a bundle of books!  Someone had buried a trove of books, the best treasure of them all.  Fairies and pixies are fond of reading books to bunnies here…while butterflies dance on our fingers… so I thought we should share these stories with all of you at home. 

Today, is the first in a series of reading children’s books by NZ authors from the Magical Forest.  For the inaugural book, I will be reading “What’s in Molly’s … Suitcase”  by Vanessa Jane Townsend.

Mums, maybe you can share the phone with your little bunny and they can listen in for a moment…

Watch this space every Thursday 5pm for new books.

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Accredited member of NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers)

The photography profession in New Zealand is highly competitive and unregulated, which does create some risk, for you, the consumer.

I’m proud to be an accredited member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, which is the only qualifying body for Professional Photographers in New Zealand. In fact, this year, I was awarded Master with Distinction level!

Each region has an elected Regional Rep, who is responsible for organizing regular meetings, education and looking after the members. I am proud to be starting my fourth year in this role.

Membership is only gained through a demanding Accreditation process, with the Institute having a stringent membership criteria and Code of Ethics. This ensures that members are professional in both their creative and business practices. The Institute strives to maintain and promote the highest professional standards in the industry through education, fellowship and support.

I find it highly beneficial to be part of this vibrant, supportive body of professional photographers from all over New Zealand who support, challenge, and encourage each other to be the best they can be.

Having NZIPP accreditation sets us apart from other photographers, and provides you with comfort you are dealing with a true professional.