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Maternity photo sessions
celebrate the most beautiful time
of a women’s life

Look and feel beautiful

with dresses available in a variety of styles and colours
and an optional hair and makeup artist.

Types of Maternity Sessions

I just wanted to say thank you for last week and my maternity shoot. I am not a big photo person to be honest and was nervous about the shoot. Will and I both left feeling really happy. We are so excited to see the pictures. I think you are so friendly and you made me feel at ease and also made me feel like a beautiful mummy to be. I feel you definitely achieved JOY as that is what I felt afterwards so thank you again!


Absolutely amazing! Loved my maternity shoot this morning, very accommodating and welcoming into her beautiful, creative space!


Ann was an absolute delight to work with to create some magical maternity images. I have a real passion for the outdoors and Ann suggested we celebrate this. She took me into her "outdoor studio". We had such a great time exploring the forest, which is right on her doorstep, and created some beautiful images together. Getting in the bath with a dress and flowers was quite the experience. Ann's energy and creativity was bountiful and I loved all the images she created to celebrate this amazing time in my life.

    Your only 3 steps away from saving
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    Let's talk about
    your photo session

    We’ll talk about what
    you’d like to achieve.


    Enjoy a stress-free
    photo session

    We’re here to make your child feel
    special through the whole experience.


    Relive those precious
    memories forever

    Through high quality prints that
    will last more than a lifetime.


    With maternity photos, you want the bump big enough to really show, but not so close to due date that you are puffy and uncomfortalbe.

    I typically aim for between 7-8 months.  Also, you never really know when little one is going to arrive – possibly even early!  This is a really good reason to go for 7-8 monhts.  More than once, I’ve had maternity photos be canceled because bubs decided to arrive early!  That said, I’ve also photographed a week before delivery.

    Pregnancy is a most beautiful time of a woman’s life, and I always encourage this special time to be celebrated.  Whether to have your husband/partner included is really up to you, and how he feels about things.  Usually, a combination of photos of just you as well as a few with your partner/husband is a nice way to go.  If he’s really not comfortable, but you really want him involved, sometimes even just hands on the belly or even a silhouette can be a good way to go. 

    It’s a limited time of your life.  It’s so special to have photos at least of you so that you can always remember this beautiful time of growing a little one inside you. 

    I have a large selection of maternity gowns sourced from all over the world – specifically designed for photographing beautiful pregnant ladies. 

    Or – I even have boxes of material that we can wrap around you! 

    If you have something special, please do bring it along, but if not, I have you covered! 

    It’s my job as a photographer to make you look good!  Posing and lighting are the basics of what a good photographer should be able to do for you.  But also making it FUN is just as important! 

    Remembering that maternity photographs are celebrating this beautiful time of your life.  It’s a special time for women.  You deserve to be pampered!  I always encourage hair & make-up as part of the experience.  I am able to organize this for you.  Experience has shown that doing it right in the Studio is ideal.  It gives you time to settle in, relax, enjoy being pampered..and you’re ready to step right in for your photos when finished. 

    The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Please, please, please call to reschedule your shoot. 

    Some people say that they don’t want to be a pain. 

    Believe me, it’s a lot more trouble if/when I then get the bug and have to reschedule other’s shoots.  It’s not fair to anyone. 

    I will happily and gratefully accommodate you in rescheduling. 

    Plus, do you know how hard it is to get a child to smile when they don’t feel good? 

    Don't miss out on saving your most precious
    memories of your child's growing up years.

    Don't miss out on saving your most precious memories of your child's growing up years.

    Instead, let’s talk and start a conversation about creating an amazing photo shoot for you!

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    I’m proud to be an accredited member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, which is the only qualifying body for Professional Photographers in New Zealand. In fact, this year, I was awarded Master with Distinction level!

    Each region has an elected Regional Rep, who is responsible for organizing regular meetings, education and looking after the members. I am proud to be starting my fourth year in this role.

    Membership is only gained through a demanding Accreditation process, with the Institute having a stringent membership criteria and Code of Ethics. This ensures that members are professional in both their creative and business practices. The Institute strives to maintain and promote the highest professional standards in the industry through education, fellowship and support.

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