so you can remember these moments
of their growing up years forever

so you can remember these moments of their growing up years forever

Photos of your children freeze time

The sweetness of childhood imagination doesn't last forever...

When I asked 5 year old Fern what her favorite thing to do was, she replied, “cuddle my brother”

The bond between a little boy and his dad lasts forever. Remembering these moments of playing while Harry is little are priceless

Boys may never get tired of flexing their muscles, but it's particularly cute when you are little

My Mum is my Hero

What is your child’s FAVORITE thing to do for FUN?
Remember the smiles of these happiest of times


The number one, most frequent fear that parents tell me is that they are afraid their child/children won’t behave. You know, I actually enjoy a wee bit of spirit in a session. 🙂 It always means good photos. We make a game of it. And, I’ve learned that a little bit of indulgence in a session goes a long, long way.

So we might let the little ones do something that they might not otherwise get to do. Give a little to get a little.

No worries if your child is shy. I take my time. Sometimes we just sit and play for 10-15 minutes first without even picking up the camera. I get it. I was really shy when I was a kid. I don’t ever book back to back sessions – so we can just take our
time and go at your child’s pace.

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Please, please, please call to reschedule your shoot. Some people say that they don’t want to be a pain. Believe me, it’s a lot more trouble if/when I get the bug and then have to reschedule other shoots. It’s not fair to anyone. I will happily and gratefully accommodate you in rescheduling. Plus, do you know how hard it is to get a child to smile when they don’t feel good

Is there a special place you go to that is special to your family? If so, that’s where we will go! I also have a fully equipped Studio, or we can go on location. In my area, there’s a park, forest, beach, river – all of which offer wonderful photographic opportunities. What does your child like to do for fun? I love crafting your photo session around what your child loves to do!

Don't miss out on saving your most precious
memories of your child's growing up years.

Don't miss out on saving your most precious memories of your child's growing up years.

Instead, let’s talk and start a conversation about creating an amazing photo shoot for you!

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Accredited member of NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers)

The photography profession in New Zealand is highly competitive and unregulated, which does create some risk, for you, the consumer.

I’m proud to be an accredited member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, which is the only qualifying body for Professional Photographers in New Zealand. In fact, this year, I was awarded Master with Distinction level!

Each region has an elected Regional Rep, who is responsible for organizing regular meetings, education and looking after the members. I am proud to be starting my fourth year in this role.

Membership is only gained through a demanding Accreditation process, with the Institute having a stringent membership criteria and Code of Ethics. This ensures that members are professional in both their creative and business practices. The Institute strives to maintain and promote the highest professional standards in the industry through education, fellowship and support.

I find it highly beneficial to be part of this vibrant, supportive body of professional photographers from all over New Zealand who support, challenge, and encourage each other to be the best they can be.

Having NZIPP accreditation sets us apart from other photographers, and provides you with comfort you are dealing with a true professional.