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Newborn Photo Shoots

Relive the first moments of your
child’s life forever

Relive your childs growing
up years forever

Improve your child's

Photographs for the
next generation

You have may be 18 summers with your kids,
and this one just finished is one of them.

Imagine not having the
memories to relive

We all know our kids grow up so fast and before you
know it, they have left home.

That’s why it’s so important to get professional
photographs created while they are young, so you
have those precious memories saved for a lifetime.

Your newborn is your most precious gift but these first days & weeks can be a blur. Photographs freeze time so you can remember these precious moments forever.

Imagine your child the most confident they can be.
What would that mean to you?

What’s a newborn
photo shoot like?

Listen to Evie’s Story


I understand how precious your
use the little ones are to you

We were so thrilled and amazed at how wonderfully Ann created a shoot that was so perfectly customised to our ideas! We discussed the colours and themes that I liked during a phone consultation prior to the day.  She managed to put together the most stunning sets for our Thea that were beyond our imagination and thoroughly exceeded our expectations. The experience of the shoot itself was so delightful, warm and welcoming, The images are beyond gorgeous! They are treasures that we will cherish for so many years to come and we are so grateful to Ann for crafting this experience for us!

Jessie Travella Phelan

    Your only 3 steps away from saving
    these memories for a lifetime


    Let's talk about
    your photo session

    We’ll talk about what
    you’d like to achieve.


    Enjoy a stress-free
    photo session

    We’re here to make your child feel
    special through the whole experience.


    Relive those precious
    memories forever

    Through high quality prints that
    will last more than a lifetime.

    Imagine how good your photos will look in your home


    The ideal time to do newborn photos is between 7-14 days.  That said, knowing that bringing a new little one into the world can be disruptive, if you absolutely cannot get in before then, that’s ok.  New babies are still used to being curled up and we can get those curled up photos.  As baby gets older, we still will be able to get beautiful photos, but they aren’t always able to squeeze into the more curled up poses.  They also tend to be more awake shots. 

    Ideally, book your newborn photos well before your due date.  Booking ahead  allows us time to talk through what type of photos you would like, colours, etc. 

    We pencil in a date one week after your due date.  Then when you actually deliver, text or email me and we’ll confirm a date time. 

    Note:  A maternity photo shoot is optional, but there is no additional charge. 

    For clothing or props, if you have anything special or sentimental to your family, please do bring it.  Otherwise, you don’t need to bring anything. 

    We will have a Planning meeting so we can talk through what you want prior to the shoot.  This allows me to have things ready when you get here. 

    If you’re not sure what you want, that’s ok!  It’s my job as a photographer to give you ideas and help you. 

    Do bring a dummy, if you are choosing to use. 

    If possible, bring a spare bottle of pumped breast milk or formula (whichever you are doing).  Sometimes we get baby in a prop, but they are not quite settling.  It’s less unsettling to baby to pop in a dummy or a bottle in their mouth to settle, than to pull them all the way out and risk completely unsettling them. 

    The sessions can take 2-3 hours, so maybe bring a snack. 

    The Studio will be kept warm for the comfort of baby, so dress in layers. 

    Sessions generally last 2-3 hours.  We won’t be photographing the entire time, it’s all about the settling baby from pose to pose. 

    Absolutely.  These are included at no additional charge. 

    Neutral colours are best.  What is most important in a photo?  Your beautiful faces.  🙂  Your eye goes to what is brightest or most contrast.  So you want your clothes to blend with each others in the photos. 

    Stay away from bright colours and bold patterns. 


    see xxx blogpost for further details

    Of course, for newborns, this mostly applies to siblings. 

    The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Please call to reschedule your shoot. 

    Some people say that they don’t want to be a pain. 

    It’s a lot more trouble if/when I then get the bug and have to reschedule other shoots.  It’s not fair to anyone. 

    I will happily and gratefully accommodate you in rescheduling. 

    Plus, do you know how hard it is to get a child to smile when they don’t feel good? 

    Don't miss out on saving your most precious
    memories of your child's growing up years.

    Don't miss out on saving your most precious memories of your child's growing up years.

    Instead, let’s talk and start a conversation about creating an amazing photo shoot for you!

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