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Fantasy Photographic Experience

Does your child love dressing up and letting their imagination run wild? Have they ever wanted to be a princess, a pirate, a fairy or an elf? Do you think they would be excited to find themselves as the main character in an enchanting image, which could have been pulled straight from the pages of a fairy tale? With a sprinkle of pixie dust and a dash of magic, I can help bring your child’s make-believe fantasies to life!


The intent of a fantasy session at the PhotoWorthy Images studio is to create a spontaneous ‘moment’ which captures the delight, emotion and wonder on your child’s face. We do this by simply having lots of fun! Exploring a world of make-believe with the children is where all the magic happens. I wear a discreet ‘clicker’ around my neck to take the images, so am rarely behind the camera. It’s all about playtime with your child. Most are not even aware they are being photographed.

Warning: Huge bouts of laughter may erupt at any moment!

Once the photos are taken, a little bit of extra magic happens during the processing and digital enhancement stage. The addition of special elements such as different backgrounds, sparkles, a tiny fairy waving her wand, reflections in the pretend water, or even a beautiful butterly floating across the image, create the final piece of photographic artwork, that you and your family can treasure forever.


How does it work?

When you arrive

When you arrive at our Kairaki Beach studio, we’ll have a relaxed chat and settle your child (or children) in. Children are unpredictable – but that’s what I love about them! Whether they are impulsive and energetic, or shy and reserved, we’ll make sure they are feel happy and comfortable before we begin. From then on, your job as a parent is simply to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience, as your child and I embark on a fantastic make-believe adventure.


Dressing up

The first part of the process is to play dress ups! Your child can choose their outfit from our wardrobe, which has a huge variety of costume styles, colours and sizes from six months of age right through to the early teens. If your child is shy or feeling a bit overwhelmed, we might play for a while first. Once they have selected their costume, I’ll help them accessorise, with perhaps a flower crown, wings and wand for a sweet fairy, or a sword and eye patch for a cheeky pirate. One of my favourite moments is seeing the excitement on the children’s faces, when they see themselves in costume in the mirror for the first time!


Playing in the Magical Forest

Now it’s time to enter in the beautiful Magical Forest setting in my studio, complete with giant mushrooms, overhanging greenery and branches and a pretend reflective pond. Using my imagination and lots of fun hand-picked and hand-made props, I will personalise the setting for your child’s session, creating an exciting make-believe world. This could be anything from a secret grotto, to a pirate cave, fairy kingdom or enchanted wood. The set can even be transformed into a winter wonderland, just perfect for all those young Frozen fans.


Finally, the best part. Play time! Once your child is in costume and on set, I engage and play with your child, capturing their joyful moments and natural reactions as the session progresses. Fairies might have a pretend tea party with fairies or play with a fairy house, while pirates might stand in a boat with their sword, or discover a hidden treasure chest. Whatever we do in the session, I make sure the children have lots of FUN! I’m not afraid to giggle, act a bit silly, make faces and do whatever it takes to help your child have a great experience, and ultimately create a beautiful image of them.


After the children have enjoyed a wonderful time in my secret Magical Forest, they are encouraged to return their costume, dress back in their street clothes, and return the way they came, down the enchanted staircase. Many of our clients have told us their little ones had so much fun, they want to come back!

The final process


Once your photos have been processed and a few have been digitally enhanced to show you what can be achieved, you’ll return to the studio for a relaxed viewing session. Then you can decide which whimsically detailed images, that blur the line between magic and reality, you wish to select for final processing.


The only thing left once the final artwork is complete, is to collect it, and hang it in your home! Some clients have told us visitors have made a double take when they saw the image, saying, ‘Oh wow, look at that art’, followed by ‘OMG, that’s your kid!’


Please get in touch if you think a fantasy photographic experience is right for you and your family.

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