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The Experience

The Experience

When you trust your children's photography to PhotoWorthy Images, you will enjoy a highly individual photographic experience, with unmatched attention to detail. The result is beautiful photographic art, personalised to you and your family.


Not exactly sure what you want, apart from the fact you want photographs?


Don't worry!


It’s my job to help you figure that out!


Whatever you decide, my intent is always to create JOYFUL imagery, which makes you smile every time you see it!


There are four parts to the photographic experience with PhotoWorthy Images, which will take an investment of around 4–6 hours of your time all up:

  • Planning
  • Session
  • Viewing and Ordering
  • Delivery

Planning – We begin with the end in mind

Our pre-session consultation is such an important part of the process. This is when we get to know each other, plan the look and feel of your session, and determine the final result you are looking for!


Over a tea or coffee in my relaxed Consultation Room at the PhotoWorthy Images Studio, I will show you examples of the different image styles we can do, and talk you through all the options. You will also receive a comprehensive information pack to take away.


Although it’s usually best for you to come into the Studio for the Planning Meeting, if we know from the outset your session will be on location, I can come to you. Some of the things we will cover in the Planning Meeting include:

  • WHO will we be photographing? The whole family? Just the kids? Do we add in the dog? Cat? Fish?
  • WHAT does your child or children like to do for FUN? What are their passions and interests. What is their personality like?
  • WHERE will the session be? The PhotoWorthy Images Studio? My ‘Outside Studio’ at Kairaki Beach? Or on location at a place special to your family?
  • WHAT to wear. We want people looking at the photograph to engage with your faces and relationships to each other, not little Jimmy’s flourescent orange shirt! We’ll discuss some basics so you can plan your wardrobe for the session.
  • WHAT style of image resonates with you? A general portrait? Or something with an exciting creative edge, such as our 100% Bespoke or Fantasy options?
  • WHAT do you want to do with your photographs? Don’t worry if you’re not sure at the start. It is something else we will figure out together! There are lots of options, from large framed prints or canvas, to albums, and even an heirloom portrait box.
  • WHERE to hang it? We’ll talk about your home, and your vision for your photograph or photographic collection. If you already have a particular wall in your house in mind, it’s a good idea to bring in a photograph, so we can discuss the sizes and styles of image that might best suit the space.
  • WHEN. Now we have a plan, the last thing for us to do is get it onto the calendar!

Session – let the fun begin!

With all the planning in place, we can look forward to a stress-free session full of joy and spontaneity. Each photographic experience with PhotoWorthy Images is as unique and individual as you are. All the things we decided at the planning meeting will be put into place, allowing you to enjoy a happy and relaxed session. There is no need to agonise over whether or not your children will ‘behave’. I love all kids, have seen it all, and am always prepared for the unexpected! I approach life from a position of FUN, which is something kids (yep even big adult kids) definitely relate to. It also helps me to preserve those beautiful, natural and often unguarded moments between your family members that you might not see in a more formal image.


I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the end of the session just how easy it all was!

Viewing & Ordering – the results are in!

Within a week or so of your session, it’s time to return to the Studio for the big reveal – your exciting Viewing & Ordering appointment. Over more tea and coffee in the Consultation Room, we’ll view a slideshow of your photographs.


During this session you will select the images you would like to keep in your collection, whether that’s for your wall, your album, or portrait box.

Delivery – the really exciting bit!

Within 3–6 weeks, your art piece will be ready for collection. I’ll be in touch to make arrangements for you to pick it up. If you need help with hanging it on the wall, I will gladly provide someone who can help. Now comes the rewarding part! With your beautiful imagery in place, you can now enjoy this special moment in your family’s history every single day....forever!

Long-term Plan – thinking of the future

Children grow and change so quickly, and I have so many clients who return again and again to add to their portrait collection. I love building on the work we have done in the past, to create a cohesive collection, which continues to delight, year after year. The benefits of our exciting Referral Programme, can even help you save hundreds of dollars on future sessions!

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