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What an absolute joy it is to create magical photos that families will treasure forever.


Ann is the person at dinner parties who all the kids flock to. She's the playful, smiling woman who can make a game out of whatever is in her purse. While the parents make small-talk inside, Ann can normally be found in the backyard blowing bubbles or folding napkins into animals with the kids.


It's all part of Ann's natural life philosophy to let go and have fun, which is something children find easier to relate to than most. Ann's natural charm, charisma, and willingness to approach your child on a level they can understand and relate to allows her to get the most wonderful photographic results.


PhotoWorthy Images is about kids of all ages – whether your child is a few days old or about to turn 21! Maybe your child is still in the belly, or maybe it's of the 4-legged, furry persuasion – it doesn't matter because I LOVE ALL KIDS!


I love how much it means to a child when you focus all your attention on them.


I create photos that are all about YOU! So we will sit down and talk about what you would like before the shoot.


Do you have an idea? Talk to me about it! Like your kids, I absolutely love trying something new, especially when it's fun. Don't know what you want? We'll figure it out together, and how you want to hang the results on your wall.


Children are all about imagination, and imagination can take us anywhere – let's see where it takes us!


That’s my story – What’s yours???

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