How to remember your baby’s 1st year

There was absolutely no holding young Ted back from jumping onto the rocking horse. He was a power of force!

Overflowing with excitement, waiting for clothes was NOT an option!

JOY of riding the rocking horsie!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about photographing kids over the years, it’s when a little boy is THAT excited,


I’ve learned that you may well lose the moment if you try to force silly little things like …uh… clothes. 🙂 So…

NO to potential meltdown…

YES to enthusiasm of riding the rockin’ horsie!

This was the fourth and final photo session of the Baby’s 1st Year program for sweet Teddy Bear. I get rather attached to the little ones, so a bittersweet moment indeed.

Babies change more in the first year than we do at any other time of our lives. The Baby’s 1st Year program includes four sessions covering the major milestones, with an optional fifth session for maternity. A Cake Smash can also be included in the one year session.

Ted’s mum, Jo, says that “I love the photos in part because they captured my and Ted’s relationship… from the joy I felt being pregnant with him, to the protective power I felt when we could hold him in our hands. … to the admiration I felt as I watched him sit and stand. I didn’t expect that and I love it.”

Jo and her husband, Mark, were so excited when they found out they were having their first child.

It can be overwhelming once baby arrives though, and some days were like a blur.

Thankfully, before Ted was born, says Jo, we had the presence of mind to book a Baby’s first year program with Ann at PhotoWorthy Images. Baby changes so much in the first year, and we wanted to remember every moment.

The first photo session was while Jo was pregnant. Jo says that Ann helped her relax, be comfortable, feel beautiful and have fun.

Then young Ted decided to arrive to the world 3 weeks early! He was 7 days young at his first photo session. Precious moments and memories.

Jo and Mark saw their photos only 1-2 weeks after the session, and they couldn’t believe how much he had already changed!

As Ted grew, he came back for three more photo sessions.

Mark and Jo are sheep farmers, so at 5 months, they brought in a huge bag of freshly shorn wool. Wool flying – POOF…out of nowhere photos appeared of Ted smiling from a make-believe sheep farm… hills crafted of wool..bunny giggling in the background….

Spring had arrived for his sitting milestone, so outside we went! He was old enough to be a wee bit shy now, so took a little while to warm up, but we just sat in the grass, played and eventually those smiles appeared.

Ted warming up during his sitting milestone of Baby’s 1st year

Then the session with those tippie-toe moments!

Sometimes little ones are still teetering a bit as they find their balance. But when we brought out the rocking horse, there was only ‘let me at it’ attitude. As mentioned above, there was no option to even get him into clothes! But when you look at that beautiful JOYful face, who cares that he’s only in a nappy!

Joy of walking

A theme appeared at every single session, Ted snuggled his face into mummy’s shoulder. He was so cute, that we decided to make this something we did with each session. Isn’t it fantastic to watch his growth throughout those months. Mum became a bit of a prop to show off that beautiful smile.

Ted loves snuggling into his mum’s shoulder…a consistency across all his milestone sessions.

Ted’s mum, Jo, says, “ when we look back on these photos of his first year, from when he fit in our hands through to taking his first steps, and I can instantly go back to those precious moments. He’s five years old now and never stops running!

I wouldn’t give anything for them now. I’m so glad we had them done.”

The photos are well thought out, so they feel like pieces of art which, you don’t get with phone photos. We had one of our favorite photos of this year printed big – and it now hangs in our dining room. Still, it makes me smile every day.”

A Baby’s 1st Year program includes 4-5 photo sessions: maternity (optional), newborn, tummy time, sitting, standing. An optional cake smash can also be included in the one-year/standing session. Being able to look back at these moments – whether that is an album, canvas or framed prints on the wall – allows you to relive them in a moment.

milestones in PhotoWorthy Images Baby’s 1st Year program

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