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Babies 1st Year

About Baby’s First Year Sessions

There's no time in life where more change occurs than in our first year of life. I absolutely love love love following my littlest clients through the first stages of their life!


From their first days to their first tentative steps, their first smile to their first gurgling laugh, your baby’s first year is full of incredibly precious milestones.


Over four sessions, we will create a Baby’s First Year series of photographs, which preserve this special, but fleeting time in your child’s life. The photographs are also a wonderful way to share the joy of your baby’s first year with family and friends.


Sessions are carefully scheduled to include all of your baby’s magic milestones, from birth, to smiling, sitting up, standing, and teetering on the verge of their first steps. As


You might decide to use the stunning images we create to build up a wall collection, or perhaps you would prefer to fill one of our beautiful wooden display boxes with the image series?

It's About the Stages...not the Ages!

Newborn – Welcome to the World!

Your baby will fit in the palm of your hand for only so long. A newborn session preserves these wonderful moments and celebrates the miracle of new life. Your baby will be handled with the utmost care, ensuring he or she is safe, warm and comfortable throughout the session.


About 3-4 months, your little one’s face creases into their first heart-melting smiles, and their wonderment in the world starts to grow. Your baby will be now starting to lift up their head, enjoy some tummy time, and will probably find their feet utterly fascinating! It is these sort of playful moments, and of course your baby’s gorgeous smiles of recognition and delight, which we will preserve in this session.

Shining Personality

Your baby’s unique and special character will be really starting to develop by the time we reach our Shining Personality session. At this stage, he or she will be able to sit independently for an extended period, but won’t yet be crawling. During this session we create images that show your baby’s wonderful little personality shining through. There will be lots of play and props to engage them in fun and laughter.


Wow! Before you know it we’ll be celebrating your baby’s first year at our Celebrate session, and wondering where the time went! This session is usually when your child is around one year of age, when they are standing, or maybe just teetering towards their first steps. It is a great time to bring in their favourite toys, with the end result, a beautiful final portrait that shows just how far they’ve come!

At the end of the Celebrate shoot, you might like to incorporate our optional Cake Smash session, which is a super FUN (and hugely messy) way to round off your child’s incredible first year!

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our Baby’s First Year package!

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