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100% Bespoke

About 100% Bespoke

Would you like to preserve those special moments in your child’s life in a spectacular piece of photographic wall art, which is a little out of the ordinary? With our 100% Bespoke service, you can!


These sessions are so much fun, as we can really let our imaginations and creativity run wild! Perhaps your child has a passion for a particular sport or activity? Maybe they dream about flying like a bird, or being a princess or dashing superhero for a day?


Whatever their interest, we can work together to create a stunning, custom-designed, one-of-a-kind piece of photographic wall art, which perfectly blends your child’s real and imagined worlds.


Our clients tell us these special images make them smile every time they walk past them, and their friends’ reactions are priceless, with many doing a double take when they realise who is in the picture!

It’s all in the planning!

Before the session, we’ll spend time talking about your child, and the end result you would like to achieve. I’ll guide you through the process, and throw in lots of creative possibilities for creating a spectacular composite image. Once the planning is done, we’re ready to start the session.

The session

Now we move on to the fun part – the personalised session. Your child may come dressed in their own special outfit, or they can choose something from our extensive wardrobe depending on the look you wish to achieve. They might work with a few simple props, and are most often photographed in front of a plain background.

The alchemy

The editing and design process is when the magic really happens. I take the raw photographs from our 100% Bespoke session, and blend them with the creative ideas we’ve agreed during the planning stages. This could include everything from special backgrounds and themes to exciting design elements. With an extra sprinkle of imagination thrown in, your one-of-a-kind piece of art comes to life!

The end result

Generally our 100% Bespoke pieces are created as large pieces of wall art, either framed or canvas, whichever suits your taste. An archival digital file of the image is also included.


Contact me if you are ready to get creative!


Check out these gorgeous examples!


For this 100% Bespoke session, the young girl was wearing a beautiful, beaded Cinderella dress, which had been hand-sewn by her grandmother. Her mother’s idea was to create a Cinderella art piece which could be gifted to the grandmother as a very special Christmas present. A simple photograph of the girl was taken in our studio, and with the addition of a castle backdrop, colourful forest and woodland animals, was transformed into a scene that could have been taken straight out of a storybook!

Bird Girl

A simple photo of our ‘Bird Girl’ standing on a cut log in our studio, became a striking, contemporary image of her about to take flight off a cliff top.


Montages are another great way to create a unique 100% Bespoke piece of art. We’ll ask your karate kid, ballerina, soccer star, gymnast (or whatever else they’re interested in) to strike several different poses. At the design stage we’ll add some funky elemenets, and et voilà! The result is a fun, unique piece of art, which is bound to make you smile!

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